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So I've been writing again, yeah again, and I've realized how hard it is for me to come up with a good plot. I mean I can come up with one, but after starting writing about them they seem too clique. As the one I'm writing right now. So yeah.
I'll be posting it at the end of this entry with a cut.

So I've been noticing lately that the WII is starting to fail as a gaming system. It isn't so much the WII or how it functions itself, but rather the games that are being created for it. I can understand the fact that they want to multiplayer/family games but they get a little boring sometimes. The PS3 however there are many games built or targeted for more of a one player view or shot. I find the games more advanced and graphic, overall more fun. So I dunno what peoples opinion on which one is doing better. In mine personally, I think the PS3. Then again I don't really play video games that often or with other people that often.

I was so excited when I heard the news that Stephen King honestly set the whole Twilight fandom straight. No the Twilight series isn't anything like Harry Potter. You can't even compare the two. Here's a link to what he said; movies.hollyscoop.com/stephen-king/stephen-king-disses-twilight-writer-stephanie-meyer_1305.aspx

Title: the Tiger
Description: A boy with great expectations plans to attack a former rebellious woman once known as the Rebellious Tiger.

“Tonight we strike,” the boy smiled to his men as he toyed with the firearm that should not be held by child of his age. He wasn’t a normal kid though. He was skilled in the art of assassination, by gun. His no dominate hand just as skilled as the other. His hands were equal in speed and accuracy. However, one person still stole his title of being the world’s greatest gun man. That title still belonged to a woman. Her own age is much older and her experience far superior than his. Experience was just one bet though and it wouldn’t stop the boy from attacking. His best shot was tonight, when all her best men were out running an important message. There was no such a thing as a cheap shot in this world. You live on the moment and when you have a chance you take it.
“Do you really think this boy can defeat the rebellious Tiger? She isn’t one to be toyed with… If she finds out of our plans to crush her and her military troops then we won’t have the strength of surprise. If we fail now, I fear it will be even harder to stop her,” one stout man with a grizzly beard began to exchange words of doubt with his companion.
“No,” replied the slim man to his grizzly friend. “I’m quite confident in his powers. He is a legacy at this age… Who knows, maybe the old hag can’t handle his fresh eyes! True, if he is defeated it shall be harder to bring her down. However, he will grow stronger from this either way. If he loses he will get all the more determined to beat the hag. If he does win he shall only become more confident. So maybe losing is best. He must not get too big of an ego. After all, he has reason enough for that. Being the youngest of us all…”
“You do speak passionately about that boy. I don’t see where you get the confidence for him from,” the other man muttered more to himself.
 He offered a sly smile to his friend, “He has the same spirit as she did until it was crushed. He will become stronger if he doesn’t get too big of an ego; however, he will not lose the same way she did. He will succeed,” his thoughts catching up with his words he froze for a second before confidently adding, “With me by his side.”
“I pray you are right for our sakes. I want to crush her as soon as possible. If we don’t hurry she will get stronger again. She will,” he spoke nervously and sweat had broken out across his forehead.
“No-,” the other interrupted. “She shall only get weaker. With the condition she is in… She will surely die soon. She may get sympathy from others, but she is still full of pride. She won’t accept pity. That Tiger is fierce. But she isn’t as well as she used to be in the old days. You see, the world is catching up to her. Nature will bring an end to the proud Queen and her kingdom. She will fall and with her the military. They will die, one by one, after her death.” He stopped in his tracks now and looked out to the crescent moon, “I’m confident she knows this too. This is why she struggles so. Not only for pride or justice, but for her men she is trying desperately to win. I almost feel pity toward her, but as I said before she will not accept my pity. Then she will leave me no choice, but to destroy her if she stands in my way.”

 “Strong words for you Shind,” the man, less anxious now, muttered through the tangled hair of his beard. “I, then, shall lend my boy the strength! As will everyone in this camp! Together, we shall bring down ourselves a Tiger and her kingdom along with it!” his face now lit with a certain determination.
“Indeed,” Shind replied as he rested his arm around the grizzly’s shoulder, “Indeed Grim.”

    “What?” the immature voice rose in despair.  “What do you mean gone? The whole camp has moved? That is impossible! We checked there only hours ago. How could they possible pack up an entire camp as large as that in only a few hours?”
“Well,” swallowed the considerably nervous man, “We are dealing with the Tiger and the military here. If they couldn’t manage that there would be no need for us to take them down.” His eyes lowered to the boy’s and his shoes. “I’m sorry. We were careless and should have watched them better. Please forgive us.”
“No,” the boy said irritably and turned his back on the ashamed guard, “It is my fault for underestimating them. Next time, however, I will not! I will not lose them!” his voice rising fiercely with frustration.  “You may take your leave Tainte,” his spoke quietly as if to restrain the anger building inside, “You must be tried from your journey back and forth.”
“My deepest apologies,” he muttered before retreating from the boy’s quarters. Ashamed of his own failure to serve the boy he kept his eyes low. It was his fault for not being an attentive watch. He had failed and then had been shown mercy. The boy was truly a kind leader. He was brave enough to fight on the battle field, but had enough compassion as a human to treat the wounded. He would make up his failure; that he would.


“Miss Dervon, I have to request that you rest and allow me to guide the group!” a man dressed in a lovely royal blue uniform demanded. “You are pale and much less fit to stand out all night! You can rest in a carriage and allow me to lead,” his thin eyebrows pressed together in concern.
“Sorry Mr. Reed,” a woman’s voice chimed softly, “I’m going to be leading this group. Until I die or I prove completely useless!” smiling wickedly she stomped her foot solidly against the ground. “Ahahaha! If you don’t let me lead then you shall all get lost! Lost you will be my dear soldiers, in this wilderness!” Her laughter was almost close to insanity, but suddenly a harsh cough interrupted her smut laugh. “Burgh,” she grunted as she bent over like a crippled grandmother without her cane. “Damn it,” she whispered to herself.

“Miss Dervon!” cried Reed and a few other faithful soldiers.  “See? You are in no condition to be leading. We’ll find our way Miss. We are rather informed about this land from you. Please rest.” He saw fierce pride burning in her eyes as she turned her back on them to not allow them to see her crippled. She was too proud for her own good, and wouldn’t allow any lacking on her part.
“Dervon,” one man said boldly, “You won’t be any good for us in the state you are in now. What we are trying to say is, go and rest. If you don’t then you will just be a troublesome useless load on us! So shut up and listen for once!” he yelled, glaring back at her.
“Mr. James,” she answered in quiet voice, as if to restrain herself, “I don’t think you are in the position to be insulting me so. It would do me great joy to beat that irritating little rebellious pulp out of you, but I can’t be sparring with my own allies just yet.”
Smiling, the man named Mr. James cocked his head to the side, “You would know all about rebellious behavior. Wouldn’t you Tiger?” he continued to smile through the scowls of disapproval from his peers. “I see. Your name isn’t to be used lightly is it Miss Dervon?” questioned the man dressed in navy blue. His own rank was almost as high as the Madame herself.  “I suppose I can only, humbly, beg your forgiveness with my deepest regrets,” he held out a hand with an apologetic smile.
Ignoring the hand she looked out over the crowd’s shoulders, “I suppose we should get going. Shouldn’t we? I think I have wasted enough time arguing with you. I’ll be leading this group out of here, and out of the reaches of that boy.”
“Fine, do as you like Miss Dervon. Don’t blame me if you become completely useless. Since you didn’t accept my apology I won’t take it back. I still believe that you will become our misfortune with a body like that,” turning his back on the group Mr. James headed for the back toward the crowd of soldiers.
“Che, ignorant fellow Mr. James is. I don’t have a doubt that he will give us a little trouble in the end. I don’t like him one bit.”
“You can be silenced now Mr. Smith,” said the stubborn woman, “Talking about other members leads to betrayal. That is something I shall not tolerate in my troops. No matter what,” she said. Her eyes looking out at the path ahead of them, but her mind was somewhere else. “Now let’s move out. Before that child comes after us, and to think he really believed my story! Ha, sending my best men out to deliver a package. He is still a child and not much more from an idiot. I might have overestimated him, but no matter, we will be going now.”

Two men hovered inside the tent awkwardly. The air was stiff with frustration and the words yet to be spoken tense. “Seth, I’m glad you came so quickly. Right now I need your guidance. As you must have heard the Tiger has left. Our chance to attack is gone and so is my confidence. I am an idiot, Seth, for not having taken the proper steps.”
“An idiot, that you are dear child. I have told you many times not to underestimate the power of the Tiger. Not to mention the military,” the older man spoke bluntly to him. However, his tone softened as he continued to lecture, “You still have much to learn. The Tiger has much more experience than you. So don’t beat yourself up over one loss.”
“I haven’t lost, not yet,” the boy said with a frowned brow, “They couldn’t have gotten far. Seeing how long it would have taken to pack up, even for them, they couldn’t have gone far. We can still chase them, and get our fight.”
“No. It isn’t wise to chase a beast that has already run away. Plus, none of our information was leaked. Therefore she must have been expecting the attack or made up the whole delivery rumor. It isn’t an unknown tactic. She must have been testing our resources, and as you can see they aren’t too well. We screwed up, but now is the time to fix this problem. She might have actually done us a favor in not fighting us just yet. As you can see, we mustn’t proceed in the plan.”
A pair of green eyes looked blankly at the man. “I suppose you are right. I will cease the attack for now,” turning his back on his guest he unstrapped the belt from his waist and set it on the table before him. “It’s a draw then,” he said to no one in particular.
“I shall be leaving you then. I still must tend to my own duties. Shall I tell the men the official news?” the man. He looked tired and his face was worn from the man battles he had seen. The candle light showing the harsh creases of lines in his face and lit the expression of deep compassion. His face was outlined by tiny hairs that had yet to been shaved and his hair outgrowing his previous buzz cut. He wore a pair of dark slacks that were tucked into knee high boots. On the top he fashioned a white, long sleeved shirt that was stained from the dirty terrain. He was a considerate man, but somewhat of an outlaw – as everyone there.
“If you would,” answered the boy, “I’m rather worn, as you, and would like to take a bath. Thank you for your guidance and help.” With that the man named Seth left the tent and the boy behind.
 So the boy turned to see the empty room and then kicked off his own pair of boots and then the cotton slacks that clung to his legs.  He then began to unbutton the brown vest he wore, more for fashion than anything else, and finally a white cotton shirt of his own. The last thing to hit the floor was a pair of drawers before he jumped into the wide bucket for a wash. The water wasn’t warm and he yelped quietly as it touched his already cool skin. 
The wooden bucket would have been cramped for any other man, but he was still a small framed boy. Looking down into the water’s clear reflection he stared at the pair of green eyes glaring at him. They were lit with determination, but shadowed by lines of doubt. There was a part in his left brow from where he had burned it long ago. Other ways his face was untouched. His straight, dark brown hair hung just below his ears and his bangs brushing just over his eyebrows. His face was rather shallow and almost haunted looking. Maybe it was the fact that he would refuse to eat at certain periods of time or the lack of sleep he had been getting due to nightmares. He was thin, but he wasn’t a skeleton. What he did lack was muscles. He wasn’t muscular, but rather weak looking. He didn’t particularly require strength, but speed and accuracy. In that he needed a light and quick body, with good reflexes, and a sharp eye. That might be what allowed a women and a boy to be masters in such a brutal world. Sighing and leaning back into the cold water he closed his eyes, “Tiger, I shall catch up to you. I want to see why they call you the Tiger. Will you tell me?"