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Vet & Bugs

I had such a crazy week. However a few events stood out from the rest, so I decided to share them.

First, my cat had an appointment with the vet this Tuesday. The problem is, is that my cat gets sick whenever he goes on a car ride. Luckily, he managed to deal with the entire ride there (with the exception of some panting and howls). When he got there, there was this spastic puppy. He was cute, but he didn't do any good to my poor cat's condition any. So after giving him a few reassuring pokes from the bars of his cage the vet called us in. God, he was happy to get out of that cage. As I set him up on the table he began rubbing his face against mine and began purring. He walked around the table and shared rubs between me, my sister, and my mom. When the vet came in, well, my cat quickly decided to become friends. He rubbed his face all over the vet's, which made the man's glasses almost fall off. When my cat finally stopped he straightened out his glasses and laughed. "I've never had a cat do that to me before!" he exclaimed and petted my cat gingerly.
My mom rolled her eyes at me, "Well she really spoils him."
So how did he do? Well, he needs to lose a pound, since his pouch could turn into a problem, and he is a VERY friendly cat. Otherwise Oliver is a perfectly healthy cat who puked on the ride home. He wasn't so FRIENDLY when we put him in the tub to was him off. No, in fact, he was rather mean.

The second event is not one, but several. It isn't as exciting as taking my lovely cat to the vet, but it is annoying enough  to mention. Lately, I've become more unlucky with bugs. Yesterday I found a spider on my pillow and today an earwig crawling across my computer screen. Each, sent me into a spontienous search for the nearest shoe or book.  It seems bugs are attracted to me, and it isn't a good thing.


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Aug. 17th, 2009 04:57 am (UTC)
Aww, poor kitty had a rough day, but he sounds very sweet.

And I dislike bugs also. We once lived in an apartment that had quite a problem with earwigs. Was quite happy to move from there. I had a similar experience with a spider not long ago. I was reading in bed, almost asleep, just happened to look up and there is this huge spider on the ceiling right above me. Eep! (Wide awake again after that.) A couple years ago, someone left the front door open and a scorpion came in. Just a tiny one, but it freaked me out. I was checking my shoes before putting them on, for a long time after that. Bugs need to stay outside where they belong!
Aug. 17th, 2009 05:02 am (UTC)
Haha. He is very sweet, but a spoiled brat that was knocking stuff over today.

Urgh, that sounds like a horrible experience. Thankfully I don't live anywhere near scorpions, but if I did I'd be checking my shoes too! Spiders are worse this year it seems. I don't mind Daddy-long-legs, but when big, poisons spiders come crawling at me... Forget it! Earwigs are terrible things. Do they really have a purpose?
Aug. 18th, 2009 08:12 am (UTC)
I do not know what earwigs are good for. I have often wondered the same thing about mosquitoes. ;)

It must be a bad week for bug stories. Last night, I was dive-bombed by a moth that just wouldn't leave me alone. I don't think that's ever happened to me before. :D

I am glad that we don't see scorpions very often, but it's the desert, so I keep an eye out. I think that happened soon after we moved in; our house had been empty for several years and there might have been some living under the porch. My husband cleaned that out right away, and I have not seen any in the house since then, or even in the yard for several years.
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