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Lots of muse.

I haven't updated in a while. I feel bad for that. I'm excited for next Friday, the final episode of the excellent TV show Monk will be premiering. The trailer/clip looked epic. Psych is returning in January which is excellent also. As for Bones, until Zack Addy returns I'm confining myself to fanfic. The show is still good, but not the same.

There is this excellent song for Zack; www.youtube.com/watch

Ummm... I'm writing fanfics of my own now! Hopefully they aren't awful. You can check them out here; www.fanfiction.net/u/1441635/

I have so much muse lately. It's terrible. I get inspiration in spurts. So I will have long periods where nothing will come to me, and then suddenly EVERYTHING comes to me. Does the same thing happen to you?
Well, that's all for now. (;

(I might be updating my story soon since I'm "inspired".)


Since I went back to school it seems like my free time has been reduced to zero. So when I came on Livejournal, for the first time in weeks, I saw it's been five weeks since I posted last. Has it really been that long? Time goes quickly, but then it doesn't. Days go by slow, but weeks go by fast. Does that make sense?

Since I haven't posted I just figured I'd update.
Monday is my birthday, October 5th, which should be fun. I blessed with having my birthday on the worst day of the week - because that is when you go back to school. The interesting thing, however, is that I was born on the same day as my grandfather. So we share a birthday. Pretty awesome. What is more mysterious is that my grandfather's father was born on that day too. It's like tradition, but it's too bad it skipped my mother's generation.

Do you have any family members that share a birthday? 


I got a new haircut today. With bangs and all. I'm glad to get a change, but getting it is painful enough. I hate going to get my haircut. Normally it is just the anticipation of waiting (and the fact that I imagine the worst possible out come). However, she did a surprisingly good job. I was thankful that she didn't try to force a conversation because I've had many do that too. I do pity her though, that she had to work with my curly hair. However, it got done and I'm glad. 

I doubt I'll be going again. (anytime soon).


Not much going on. I finally got some new clothes and a hand bag. I don't like purses because I always forget or lose them. I wrote a random short, but it might turn into something. This is more of a personal note for myself. Haha.

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Vet & Bugs

I had such a crazy week. However a few events stood out from the rest, so I decided to share them.

First, my cat had an appointment with the vet this Tuesday. The problem is, is that my cat gets sick whenever he goes on a car ride. Luckily, he managed to deal with the entire ride there (with the exception of some panting and howls). When he got there, there was this spastic puppy. He was cute, but he didn't do any good to my poor cat's condition any. So after giving him a few reassuring pokes from the bars of his cage the vet called us in. God, he was happy to get out of that cage. As I set him up on the table he began rubbing his face against mine and began purring. He walked around the table and shared rubs between me, my sister, and my mom. When the vet came in, well, my cat quickly decided to become friends. He rubbed his face all over the vet's, which made the man's glasses almost fall off. When my cat finally stopped he straightened out his glasses and laughed. "I've never had a cat do that to me before!" he exclaimed and petted my cat gingerly.
My mom rolled her eyes at me, "Well she really spoils him."
So how did he do? Well, he needs to lose a pound, since his pouch could turn into a problem, and he is a VERY friendly cat. Otherwise Oliver is a perfectly healthy cat who puked on the ride home. He wasn't so FRIENDLY when we put him in the tub to was him off. No, in fact, he was rather mean.

The second event is not one, but several. It isn't as exciting as taking my lovely cat to the vet, but it is annoying enough  to mention. Lately, I've become more unlucky with bugs. Yesterday I found a spider on my pillow and today an earwig crawling across my computer screen. Each, sent me into a spontienous search for the nearest shoe or book.  It seems bugs are attracted to me, and it isn't a good thing.

Section 1

I think I'm getting lazy. The next part of the story should be out soon. I don't know if I should post it on my journal or just keep doing what I am now. Posting fresh work up on communities and posting the refined here. I makes it easier to weed out, but I'm not entirely sure. Any ideas?
Anyway this is not even nearly perfect so any feedback/criticism would be appreciated. Thank you to everyone who read and posted back on Continuation and Nice weather today...
Anyway, here is the revised version of Continuation (not too many big changes) enjoy!

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Nice weather today...

Thanks to the feedback from everyone I managed to revise the intro to Nice weather today... which is yet to have a proper title. (haha) Anyway I hope you enjoy the edited version. If not please tell why. Again, feedback is appreciated.

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it's.... it's sooo..... corny!

Ever wrote something so.. Corny you instantly rip it after rereading it?  Writing fantasy isn't easy. Well, maybe writing fantasy isn't easy for me. Somehow whenever I write it the story takes a turn for the worst. Some cheesy line about how we must save the world. Either that or it sounds like some rejected diary. (Eventually I've given up writing in first person.)

Today I found one of those corny stories. Old and crinkled in the bottom of my drawers. Naturally, I pulled it out and took a look. It was horrible. It was a shattering blow to my confidence (not that I had any to begin with)


Have you ever wrote something, kept it, and then reread it years later? What did you think? Was it corny?

When life gives you boredom give it right back! We all know life gives us boredom and we are constantly faced in epic battle with it, right? So why not fight boredom with boredom? WHY WHY?! Well, my mother always said not to fight fire with fire, but that is an entirely different thing, right? I've heard one of the biggest causes of smoking is boredom. People are so bored they rolled some leaves up in a tube and lit up. So that is why human kind created weapons against this! Video games, computers, and cell phones are important to our daily lives. So unless you want your children to smoke then don't take it away parents! DON'T! Smoking = DEATH and bad breath =D. WOW that works well. That is my new slogan. Sooo lesson learned, right?

Wayy off topic there.

Anyway I'm trying to come up with a good way to defeat boredom! So I want to ask you these questions and please respond!
What do you do to defeat boredom?!
DO you think people start smoking from boredom?
What would be your slogan to a bad habit and why?


Answer ONE answer ALL! Please click on 'leave a comment' to respond.

Thank you! <3


So I've been writing again, yeah again, and I've realized how hard it is for me to come up with a good plot. I mean I can come up with one, but after starting writing about them they seem too clique. As the one I'm writing right now. So yeah.
I'll be posting it at the end of this entry with a cut.

So I've been noticing lately that the WII is starting to fail as a gaming system. It isn't so much the WII or how it functions itself, but rather the games that are being created for it. I can understand the fact that they want to multiplayer/family games but they get a little boring sometimes. The PS3 however there are many games built or targeted for more of a one player view or shot. I find the games more advanced and graphic, overall more fun. So I dunno what peoples opinion on which one is doing better. In mine personally, I think the PS3. Then again I don't really play video games that often or with other people that often.

I was so excited when I heard the news that Stephen King honestly set the whole Twilight fandom straight. No the Twilight series isn't anything like Harry Potter. You can't even compare the two. Here's a link to what he said; movies.hollyscoop.com/stephen-king/stephen-king-disses-twilight-writer-stephanie-meyer_1305.aspx

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